What is the Delta Putt?

The Delta Putt is a putting training aid that looks a bit similar to a traditional putting mat, but they couldn't be more different. Instead of using a golf ball, with the Delta Putt you putt a triangular "puck" that glides along a specially designed mat…and you get instant feedback on your stroke path and putter face angle at impact..

Why is the Delta Putt Better than a Traditional Putting Mat?

Practicing on a putting green or traditional putting mat will only show if your ball made or missed the target. The Delta Putt shows you the all-important reason(s) WHY you made or missed a putt…so you can correct your flaws and become a better putter. Based on where the Delta puck comes to rest, you will immediately know if your putting stroke path is "off" and/or if your face angle at impact isn't square.

Are There Different Versions of the Delta Putt?

Yes, the original Delta Putt includes one 4’ x 6” mat and 1 triangle Delta puck for individual practice. The Delta Putt Dueler includes one 8’ x 12” “gamified” roll-out mat and 4 Delta pucks, which allows you to play a shuffleboard-type game solo or in competition with others. The Delta Putt Combo combines both the Delta Putt and the Dueler game product into one affordable package.

Where Can I Use the Delta Putt?

You can use the Delta Putt indoors or outdoors on virtually any flat, reasonably smooth surface including carpet, hardwood and linoleum. The Delta Put rolls up and stores easily, too, making it very convenient and portable for travel.

How Much Space Do I Need to Use the Delta Putt?

The original Delta Putt's mat measures 4’ x 6". The Delta Putt Dueler's mat measures 8’ x 12”.

After the Delta Putt Reveals My Flaws, How Do I Fix Them?

Most putting flaws can be fixed by making small changes to your set-up position, grip and stroke path. The specific adjustments to make (based on the Delta Putt feedback) are available for FREE on our website.

Why Does the Delta Putt Have "Amateur", "Pro", and "Tour" Sides?

Each of these sides is progressively less forgiving, which forces you to become more and more accurate with your putting. By leveling up from Amateur to Pro to Tour, you are making huge amounts of progress toward becoming the best putter you can be.

Do You Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes! If you don't love what the Delta Putt does for your game and/or if it does not immediately help you lower your score by draining more putts, just send to back to us within 30 days of purchase for a full product refund. While we'd love to know why you didn't like it, you are under no obligation to tell us. We'll process your refund with no questions asked.