Knowing what you just did is critical to correcting what you just did. This is true for both a perfect putting stroke and an imperfect putting stroke. If you are out on the golf course putting green and miss a 4 foot putt, you will ask yourself; Did I push it? Did I pull it? Was the putter face open ? Closed? Or did I simply misread it? You don’t know! When you practice with The Delta Putt, you will know how you stroked the putt every single time. The Delta putt three sided triangle puck will show you what you did every stroke. Instantly you will see the results and you can “feel” what you just did to cause the puck to react the way it did. When you know what you’ve done, then and only then can you begin to correct mistakes and flaws in your stroke. There is no other device that gives you the instant visual feedback that The Delta Putt provides. Take it with you when you visit your PGA Professional for a putting lesson and you will be amazed at the feedback your Pro and The Delta Putt give you. You will be amazed with the results you see in just the first session.