What is the quickest way to lower your golf score and handicap? Make more putts! Justin Rose recently won the Gold Medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics by two strokes. While assessing his victory, the TV commentators stated that he “Never missed a putt under 4 feet all week. That is the reason he won this tournament.” Absolutely true! He didn’t win it by driving the ball 300 yards down the fairway. He won it by making putts. That is why we created The Delta Putt system. Putting is such a key component of the golf game and often the part that is practiced the least. Now, The Delta Putt allows you to practice putting anywhere and anytime you wish. All you need is a flat, relatively firm surface and you’re ready to go. Practice at home, the office, in your hotel room whenever, wherever you want. Practice while watching TV or while you’re on a conference call at the office. The Delta Putt, allows you to practice quality putting anytime, anywhere. Let’s face it, putting practice can be really boring. Not with The Delta Putt. Every stroke challenges you to focus and make a perfect putt. If you do, you will see perfect results. If you don’t, The Delta Putt lets you know so you can make immediately adjustments. No more excuses. Improve your putting and then get out there and lower your score!