Knowing whether you are stroking your putts “down the line” is critical to becoming a great putter. The design of the Delta puck allows you to see down the line to the intended target. Starting with the “Amateur” side, every stroke you take with the Delta putt will show you if you are stroking the putt “down the line.” You will instantly see whether the putt was pushed or pulled and to what degree you may have pushed or pulled it. This allows you to make subtle adjustments to your set up until you can consistently track the Delta puck down the line. Once you have mastered this, remain in your putting set up position and rake the puck back to its starting point and continue to make putt after putt without changing your setup position. Soon you will develop a consistent repeatable stroke as you move to the more difficult “Pro” and “Tour” side of the triangle puck. Continuing to refining your stroke and muscle memory will help you take tremendous strides toward becoming a master putter.